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Categories Game

Our family loves the Milton Bradley game Scattergories.  In this game, each player has a card with a list of 12 categories, such as "a boy's name" or "American cities."  A die is rolled to choose a letter of the alphabet.  Then, in three minutes, each player tries to write down a word that fits each category, that starts with the chosen letter of the alphabet.  If any two players write the same word, both players have to cross out the word from their list

But there is one problem with the game.  It comes with only 12 or 16 lists, depending on which version of the game you have.  Over time, we began te memorize the lists, and to remember the words we chose the last time we played.

The Categories Game spreadsheet fixis this problem.  The spreadsheet shows four game cards, with categories randomly selected from a list of about 300 categories.  Each time the spreadsheet is opened, a completely new set of categories is chosen.  This keeps the game interesting, and makes it easy to add categories, or to subtract categories that don't work well.

Copyright 2007 by Tony Isaac

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